Orange Master

If you’re a gin and tonic person, you’re going to love this twist on your favourite drink. Don’t worry, it’s not sickly sweet or fruity, but really balanced.
This is still a relatively simple G&T recipe, but instead of lime slices, we’re making it with orange slices. 
But that’s not all! Pop in a cinnamon stick and/or a whole star anise. 
The addition of a little spice gives the drink a warm sweet aroma while sipping.
It may surprise you how much excitement it adds.
This orange G&T is really outstanding! Pretty, too, don’t you think?
Ingredients :
35 ml White Wave gin
250ml of fever tree tonic 
x1 cup of ice cubs
Orange twist ((to garnish))
Pour your gin first , then add your ice cubes -
Allow to sit for one minute -
Add your fever-tree tonic and stir-
Gently squeeze a fresh orange peel and rub along the rim of the glass ,adding the orange peel in afterwards .
White Wave gins natural flavours , will do the rest ;)
Tip: Using a pre chilled glass to serve is always a huge plus .